Dear stakeholder

Thank you for joining us at our first ever virtual conference.

To ensure that you get the most out of the experience, we have put together a quick how-to.

We hope that you enjoy the time with us over the next two days and that you get to learn from, and engage with, some of the world’s foremost experts!

1. How to log in

Click on and use the username and password that were recently sent via email. You have to be logged in to view and comment on all our sessions, technology demonstrators and 360 degree virtual tours.

Should you wish to re-set your default password, kindly use the link below:

2. How to view a session

Visit and click on the session you would like to join. Please note all sessions will only be available at their scheduled times and all content will be available on demand after their scheduled times. Feel free to join in the conversation in the comments section!

3. How to engage

Comment on the session you are viewing

Follow us on social media and use #CSIR75 to join the conversation

Twitter: @CSIR

Facebook: CSIRSouthAfrica

Instagram: CSIRSouthAfrica

LinkedIn: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

Youtube: CSIRNewMedia

4. How to get in contact with us

Email us on [email protected]

Send us a message on the page

5. How to view the 360 virtual tours

Visit  and take a walk through nine CSIR facilities. To make the most of these 360 degree tours, move your cursor or mouse around on your screen, or move your phone to view the full surroundings and to enjoy a better viewing experience. Ensure that you use a browser that supports 360 degree playback

6. How to view the technology demonstrators and vote for the technology demonstrator you believe has the most potential for uptake

Visit and navigate to the bottom of the page. Make your selection and click on “Submit”. You can view all the results by clicking on “Results”. Please note you can only vote once.