Meet Our Speakers

Prof Dr Gert-Jan Gruter

Prof Dr Gert-Jan Gruter

Mamello Matikinca

Chief Economist at First National Bank

Dr Yael Joffe

Co-founder and Chief Science Officer at 3X4 Genetics

Prof Patrick Soon-Shiong

MD, Chairman and CEO of NantWorks

Dr Ayodele Odusola

Resident Representative for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in South Africa

Lee Naik

CEO – TransUnion Africa

Thomas Dreyer van Zyl

Chief Executive Officer of the ZZ2 farming group.

Zvikomborero Tangawamira

Business Development Manager at the CSIR

Dr Tawanda Muzhingi

Senior Scientist at the International Potato Centre Regional Office for Africa

Professor Trust Beta

Full Professor and Canada Research Chair in Functional Foods

Dr Nomusa Dlamini

Principal Researcher at the CSIR

Siya Madyibi

Executive Director: Microsoft